A Game-Changing Alternative To The BM77 And BM78 Bluetooth Data Modules

BM77: The BM77 is a Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy) module. It’s designed to provide a simple and easy way to integrate Bluetooth technology into various electronic devices. It’s often used in applications like wearables, health and fitness devices, remote controls, smart home devices, and more.

BM78: The BM78 is an advanced version of the BM77. It supports both Bluetooth Classic (often referred to as Bluetooth Basic Rate) and Bluetooth Low Energy, making it more versatile in terms of the types of devices it can communicate with. This makes it suitable for a broader range of applications where compatibility with both classic Bluetooth devices and BLE devices is required.

Both modules offer features like low power consumption.

MUYU has launched a new module: MY-BT106 small-size Bluetooth data module. This product solution provides a viable alternative to the BM77 and BM78 Bluetooth data modules, promising enhanced performance, versatility, and ease of integration.

MUYU’s innovative product not only matches the capabilities of the BM77 and BM78 modules but surpasses them in several key aspects. The company’s engineers have leveraged state-of-the-art semiconductor technology to create a module that combines the best of both worlds: Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

One of the most noteworthy features of MUYU’s solution is its remarkable compatibility. Unlike its predecessors, which primarily focused on BLE communication, this module seamlessly integrates with a wide range of devices, including those employing classic Bluetooth technology. This newfound versatility opens up a plethora of possibilities for developers, enabling them to create products that can communicate with a broader spectrum of devices.The module comes with a comprehensive set of development tools, libraries, and support documentation, simplifying the implementation process for engineers and developers. This streamlined integration process translates to faster time-to-market for products incorporating this module.The module’s firmware is designed to be easily upgradable, ensuring that it remains compatible with emerging Bluetooth standards and protocols. This forward compatibility gives developers peace of mind that such products will remain relevant and competitive in an ever-changing technology environment.

If you want to know more specific functions, please contact the MuYu team.


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