Application of Wireless Bluetooth Throughput Module in Common Industries

What is a wireless bluetooth throughput module has been introduced in the previous article. In this article, we will learn about the application of wireless bluetooth throughput module in various industries.

The MY-BT501 developed by MuYu Technology is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth module, which can realize data transmission between the module and the mobile phone through UART (serial port) operation; it has command control to modify the name of the module, modify the baud rate and other operations. Using this module, users can quickly transmit data via Bluetooth.

Wireless Bluetooth Throughput Module in Common Industries

Application fields:

1. Robot control

An industrial robot system is usually divided into two parts: the mechanism body and the control system. The elements that constitute the robot control system mainly include computer hardware system and wireless module operation control software, input/output equipment and devices, drive system, and sensor system.

2. Remote meter reading

The remote meter reading system mainly completes the three tasks of electricity metering or information collection, information remote transmission, background software processing and analysis. The technologies of the front and rear parts have matured, and the key to the technology of the meter reading system is to solve the problem of remote information transmission—communication.

3. Access control security management system

The access control safety management system is a new modern safety management system, which integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern safety management measures, and it involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, and biotechnology. It is an effective measure to solve the security management of the entrance and exit of important departments.

4. Industrial Data Acquisition

Industrial data acquisition refers to the automatic collection of non-electric or electrical signals from analog and digital units under test such as sensors and other equipment to be tested, and sends them to the host computer for analysis and processing. The data acquisition system is a flexible and user-defined measurement system combined with measurement software and hardware products based on computers or other special test platforms.

5. Wireless remote control and telemetry

The wireless telemetry system is a computer-based production process control and scheduling automation system. It can monitor and control the operating equipment on site to realize various functions such as data collection, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms.


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