BLE Bluetooth Module Function Application: Master-Slave Integration

  • Bluetooth working mode

The Bluetooth module supports multiple types of operating modes, including master device mode, slave device mode, master-slave integrated working mode, broadcast station mode, Mesh networking mode, broadcast mode, and iBeacon mode. Among the many working modes, the master-slave integrated working mode is the most commonly used for Bluetooth modules and is also the most popular at the moment. Bluetooth products working in this mode can be used as a host or slave alone, or as both a host and a slave at the same time, connecting slave devices and being connected by other master devices at the same time, which greatly improves the flexible use and application of Bluetooth modules. The picture below shows MuYu launching a BLE Bluetooth module. MY-BT401 is a master-slave integrated Bluetooth module with low power consumption, low cost, long communication distance and stable performance.

Bluetooth 5.1 BLE Module, MY-BT401
Bluetooth 5.1 BLE Module, MY-BT401
  • What is Bluetooth master-slave integration

The Bluetooth master-slave integrated working mode means that the Bluetooth module can serve as a master device and a slave device at the same time. It can switch between two roles. When working in slave mode, it waits for other master devices to connect. When necessary, it switches to master mode and initiates connection calls to other devices. Master-slave integration provides the ability to expand the Bluetooth module. After the Bluetooth 4.1 protocol specification, the “link layer topology” function is added, which allows the Bluetooth module to serve as a master device and a slave device at the same time and operate in any role combination, such as Bluetooth HUB terminal.

When the Bluetooth module with master-slave integration works, the Bluetooth module can serve as a master device to collect information from other peripheral slave node devices, and at the same time, as a slave device, report the collected information to the master control terminal such as a mobile phone. The advantage of this is that peripheral slave node device information can not be limited to local storage. The master-slave integrated Bluetooth module plays the role of a repeater, and is collected and uploaded to the cloud or centralized controller for storage or display.

The master-slave integration additionally increases the functionality of the Bluetooth module, cost optimization and ease of use. If the Bluetooth module used to work as a master device in a closed system, it can now also be connected to a smartphone as a slave, thus realizing a new connection dimension. In the master-slave integrated working mode, one Bluetooth module can play two roles. , thus optimizing the system architecture.

  • How to choose a master-slave integrated Bluetooth module

For different application scenarios, when users choose a master-slave integrated Bluetooth module, they should comprehensively consider selecting an appropriate master-slave integrated Bluetooth module based on the device’s functional requirements, communication distance, power consumption requirements, performance stability and other factors. When purchasing a master-slave integrated Bluetooth module, users should choose a brand with reliable quality, stable performance, and reasonable price. At the same time, they should understand the qualifications and production process of the product to ensure that the selected Bluetooth module can meet their needs.

The BLE Bluetooth module developed by MuYu supports data transmission, UART interface, supports Android and IOS data transmission, is simple and easy to use, and can achieve fast data transmission without complicated settings. As a Bluetooth communication module, the master-slave integrated Bluetooth module has the advantages of power consumption, high-speed transmission, easy integration, multiple application scenarios and simplified development process, and has been widely used in various smart devices. It has played a positive role in promoting the development of smart Internet of Things and improving the user experience of smart devices. In the future, with the development of the smart device market, the master-slave integrated Bluetooth module will be more widely used and provide users with better services.


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