What’s AT command and Throughput mode In Bluetooth Module

It is important to note that in throughput mode, it is still necessary to configure the Bluetooth module by sending related AT commands through the main controller to enter transparent transmission mode, set platform addresses, and other parameters. Additionally, it is recommended to increase the data length and verification to prevent packet loss. In both modes, the Bluetooth module is responsible for transmitting data, but in throughput mode, it does not process the transmitted data and only transmits it to the destination node. In this mode, the Bluetooth module will typically use a different packet format and may employ various optimization techniques to improve data transfer rates. The specific details of throughput mode can vary depending on the Bluetooth module being used, as well as the application and environment in which it is being deployed.

Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Module MY-BT102


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What are the factors that affect the low power consumption of Bluetooth data modules

What Are The Factors That Affect The Low Power Consumption Of Bluetooth Data Modules?

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