Bluetooth Low Energy and Smart Home Protocol: Matter

What is Matter?

Matter is a recently launched networking protocol that enables smart home accessories to work on all major smart home platforms. The idea is that users don’t need to check whether a product such as a smart light bulb is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, or Apple HomeKit — if they have a Matter tag, they can get started.

Matter devices support mesh networking, where connection to the cloud is optional rather than mandatory. While Matter is an IP-based technology, basic smart home functions like turning lights on and off should work regardless of whether the accessory can connect to the internet or even has a dedicated hub. Internet and a Matter-ready hub are required to control the home remotely, though, but it should be possible to control and update Matter accessories with your phone if present.

Smart Home Protocol: Matter

Mesh networking is possible because Matter runs as an application layer on top of technologies like Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Thread. Among them, Thread is the most important. It’s a relatively new Zigbee-based wireless protocol that smart home devices must specifically support, but it’s more power-hungry than Wi-Fi. Many Thread products operate as their own “border routers,” to which other Thread accessories can connect without burdening the Wi-Fi network. Thread is fast, low power, and can be used for almost anything.

Bluetooth low energy plays an important role in the smart home to reduce wiring. Moreover, Bluetooth Low Energy can collect data in the room and monitor the function in real time to realize the connection of wireless smart homes, security, and other IoT applications.

Bluetooth low energy technology is very common in our daily life and has a wide range of applications. Household items in people’s lives, such as intelligent control lighting technology, this technology is not only the control of light switches in the traditional sense but also scientific. With the development of technology, people’s requirements for lighting control are not only on the switch but also include the change control of lighting color and type. Such as the light show at the Beijing Olympic Games.

Bluetooth Low Energy and Smart Home Protocol: Matter

Therefore, in today’s life, the application of low-power Bluetooth smart lighting control technology meets people’s needs to a large extent, and can also meet people’s needs. Smart home technology has a wide range of applications in people’s lives. The places are different, and the smart homes of related companies divide them into the following aspects.

1. The control application of the living room

The application in the living room is similar to the control in the bedroom. It can control the lighting scene and entertainment facilities in the room, such as the control of audio equipment through lighting. Realize the control of curtains, air conditioners, and other equipment through music equipment. It is also possible to control the electrical appliances in the home through the use of communication equipment.

2. Application of corridor control

The smart home control system not only realizes the control of lights but also realizes the switch adjustment of lights according to the brightness of natural light. Specifically, it can be highlighted that when the natural light is bright, the brightness of the lights in the corridor will be dimmed. When the natural light intensity is low or there is no natural light, the brightness of the lamp will be automatically adjusted. In addition, it can also help people to carry out regular reminders, so that the lights can be turned on and off at regular intervals.

3. Indoor applications

Specifically for the lighting control system in the room, it can realize the switching and control of different scenes; it can also intelligently control electrical equipment such as curtains and air conditioners. In addition, it is also possible to control the electrical appliances and lamps in the entire room through mobile devices. Smart home control system is widely used in people’s life. It not only enhances the safety of people’s lives, but also provides convenience and speed of people’s life, making people have a happy mood in the process of life, so it is widely favored by people.

MuYu MY-BC204 and MY-BT501 are small-sized Bluetooth low-power modules. MY-BC204 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and has BQB certification. Currently, this module is also used in Philips projects. Customers who need certification can choose this module. MY-BT501 is a Class 1 BLE5.2 Bluetooth module with a built-in antenna and a relatively long working distance. This module can be selected for project applications that require distance.

Bluetooth low energy module application scenarios:

Applications that have strict requirements on power consumption control, such as high-end anti-lost devices, electronic tags, etc.

Customers who have certain requirements for data transmission, such as the transparent transmission module used for gimbal selfies, and customers who want more reliable Bluetooth OTA.

Convenient and flexible electronic label application. Such as commodity labeling, asset anti-theft, and biological tracking.


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