Learn About Some Of China’s Leading Bluetooth Chip Manufacturers

Bluetooth technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, powering wireless connectivity for a wide range of devices from smartphones and headphones to smart home appliances and automotive systems. China, known for its prowess in electronics manufacturing, is home to several prominent Bluetooth chip manufacturers.

Bluetooth technology, developed by Ericsson in the 1990s, quickly gained worldwide popularity due to its versatility in connecting various devices wirelessly. China recognized the immense potential of Bluetooth early on and played a significant role in its adoption and development. Over the years, China has transformed itself into a hub for Bluetooth chip manufacturing, with several companies leading the charge.

China's leading Bluetooth chip manufacturer

Prominent Bluetooth Chip Manufacturers in China

6 Chinese brands Bluetooth chip for TWS earphone:

Bestechnic  BES2300

Jieli        AC693N

Bluetrum   AB5377T

Airoha      AB1536


PXI         PAU1600

Bluetooth chip for Wired earphone:

Beken BK3288

Bestechnic BES2000


Chips for Bluetooth speaker application:

Action   ATS2835

Biuldwin CW6690G

Lenzetech AC8976A8

Bluetooth chips in PC accessories:

YICHIP    YC1021

WCH    CH9143

Bluetooth chip in wearable device:

Freqchip FR508X

BlueX BX2418

Hoperf CMT4502

Bluetooth remote control device chips:

Panchip PAN1020

Lenzetech ST17H65

Action     ATB1103L/ATB1109

Bluetooth chips for smart home appliances:

Espressif ESP32-C3

Winner Micro W800

Bluetooth chips in smart lighting:

Macrogiga MG1751

PHY+ PHY6202

Telink TLSR8269

China’s influence in the world of Bluetooth chip manufacturing cannot be overstated. The country’s thriving electronics industry and investment in research and development have positioned it as a global leader in this field. This dynamic ecosystem not only supports the domestic tech industry but also contributes significantly to the global proliferation of Bluetooth technology, enabling seamless wireless connectivity in an ever-expanding array of devices.


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