What Are Classic Audio And LE Audio In Bluetooth Audio Module

Comparison and differences between Classic Audio and LE Audio in Bluetooth audio:

  • Low Energy Consumption:

Classic Audio: Bluetooth Classic audio is known for its relatively higher power consumption, which may not be ideal for devices with limited battery life, such as headphones or IoT devices.

LE Audio: One of the primary goals of LE Audio is to reduce power consumption, making it more suitable for low-power devices and enhancing battery life.

  • Improved Audio Quality:

Classic Audio: While Bluetooth Classic audio supports various audio codecs, the quality may vary, and some users may experience issues like latency and compression artifacts.

LE Audio: LE Audio introduces the LC3 (Low Complexity Communication Codec) codec, which is designed to provide better audio quality compared to previous codecs used in Bluetooth audio.

  • Multistreaming:

Classic Audio: Typically, Bluetooth Classic audio supports single-streaming, meaning one audio source connects to one audio sink at a time.

LE Audio: LE Audio supports multi-streaming, allowing one audio source to connect to multiple audio sinks simultaneously. This feature is beneficial for scenarios like audio sharing or connecting to multiple headphones from a single source device.

  • Compatibility:

Classic Audio: Bluetooth Classic audio is widely adopted and supported by a vast array of devices, including smartphones, speakers, headphones, and more.

LE Audio: As LE Audio is a newer standard, its adoption may take time, and device compatibility may be limited initially. However, as the technology becomes more widespread, more devices are expected to support LE Audio.

  • Backward Compatibility:

Classic Audio: Devices with Bluetooth Classic support may not be directly compatible with LE Audio devices, and vice versa.

LE Audio: Some efforts have been made to ensure backward compatibility, allowing LE Audio devices to work with Classic Audio devices, but it may depend on the specific implementations.

Bluetooth audio module LE Audio
Bluetooth audio module LE Audio

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