What is a Bluetooth Throughput Module

Understanding the concept of Bluetooth Throughput

Bluetooth Throughput is actually the secondary packaging of Bluetooth applications. The meaning of its existence is to facilitate customers to use Bluetooth technology, because simply programming Bluetooth SOC is a threshold thing, and there are many concepts that need to be mastered. And the amount of code is relatively large, so in some cases where the usage is not large, you will choose to use the MCU+Bluetooth module to realize the Bluetooth function, such as Bluetooth data interaction with mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Bluetooth Throughput module

All the data of the Bluetooth part is completed by the Bluetooth module, and finally converted into a simple interface, such as: serial port, IIC interface or SPI interface, etc.

The advantage of this is that engineers do not need to care about the principle of the Bluetooth part when developing products, and only need to do a good job of sending and receiving the corresponding interface. Putting more energy into the development of industry function details, although this increases the cost, it greatly improves product stability and development efficiency.

A Bluetooth transparent transmission module, also known as a Bluetooth serial module, is a device that enables wireless communication between two devices using the Bluetooth technology. It allows for transparent data transmission, meaning that it facilitates the transfer of data without requiring any specific protocol or formatting.

These modules typically consist of a Bluetooth chip or module integrated with a microcontroller or a serial interface. They provide a simple and convenient way to establish a wireless connection between devices that have a serial interface, such as microcontrollers, computers, or embedded systems.

The module acts as a bridge between the devices, converting the serial data from one device into a Bluetooth signal and transmitting it to the other device. This enables wireless communication between devices that are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities.

The term “transparent” refers to the fact that the module does not modify or interpret the data being transmitted. It merely facilitates the wireless transfer of the data, allowing the devices on either end of the connection to communicate as if they were connected by a physical serial cable.

Bluetooth transparent transmission modules are commonly used in applications where wireless serial communication is required, such as wireless sensors, data loggers, remote control systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. They offer a convenient way to eliminate the need for physical cables and enable wireless data transfer over short distances.


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