Bluetooth GPS Apple Find MY Smart Key Finder - MY-L1


MY-L1 is a smart GPS Bluetooth key finder, it has MFI license, works with Apple Find My directly, and doesn’t need a third-party app. It supports IOS 14.5 system. iPhone, iPad, and MacBook can work with this device with one click search.

MY-L1 is a BLE device, that uses a CR2032 battery, it has 1 year of work time. MY-L1 is a master that can help you track easily Just hang it on your keychain, put it in your bag, or wear it to the elderly or children, when you turn on the Find My APP search again, you can see where the key and bag are.

MY-L1 Parameter:

Product Type Smart Finder
Product Weight 8g
Battery CR2032
Voltage DC 3V
Current 5uA
Wireless BLE 5.2
Wireless Range Up to 40m
Buzzer Built-in ≥75db
Temperature -5℃-45℃
Box Size -50mm*18.5mm*84mm
Product Certification FCC, RoHS, UUCE

Power On/ Off:

  • Press the finder Function Button once to turn it on. It should beep once to indicate that it is powered on,
  • To power off, hold the same button for at least three seconds. You will hear two beeps to indicate that your Finder is powered off.



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