HC-05/HC-06 Bluetooth Module Classic Bluetooth - MY-BT101


  • HC-05 is a powerful classic Bluetooth module. It is based on the Bluetooth 2.0 standard and supports multiple transmission protocols, including serial communication (UART) and Bluetooth SPP (serial communication). It can transmit data and communicate with other devices through these protocols. Commonly used for wireless communication with microcontrollers (such as Arduino).
    HC-05 can switch between master mode (Master) or slave mode (Slave) and supports Bluetooth SPP (serial communication) and AT command mode. Has high flexibility.
    It supports the setting of Bluetooth connection passwords to improve security.
  • HC-06: The HC-06 module only supports Bluetooth SPP (serial communication) protocol. It does not have UART transmission protocol support, so when using HC-06 to communicate with other devices, data needs to be transmitted through the serial port.
    HC-06: The HC-06 module is mainly used in slave mode (Slave). It cannot switch to master mode and can only accept connection requests from the master device.

HC-05/HC-06 can be configured and controlled through AT commands, such as changing the Bluetooth name, baud rate, pairing password, etc. They have a basic communication range, usually around 10 meters.

MY-BT101 Parameter:

Bluetooth Module Model MY-BT101
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth mode
Profiles SPP, HID, GATT, ATT
Transmit power 6 dBm
Dimension 37*15mm
Interface UART/ I²S
Sensitivity -90dBm@0.1%BER
Frequency 2.402GHz -2.483GHz ISM band
Antenna Built-in PCB Antenna (Default), supports external antenna (Optional)
Work Temperature -40°C to +80°C
OTA Upgrade Support
Baud Rate 4800~921600bps (default: 115200bps)


MY-BT101 Features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0 4.2/4.1/4.0
  • Cheapest Price Bluetooth Module
  • Multi-Connection
  • Programmable Baud-Rate (Up to 921600bps)
  • The Default UART Baud Rate is 115200bps
  • Replace HC-05 Bluetooth Module
  • Customized Firmware
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Firmware Updates
  • Support Serial Port Upgrade


MY-BT101 Application:

  • Health & Medical Devices
  • Wireless POS
  • Bluetooth Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Measurement and Monitoring Systems
  • Industrial Sensors and Controls
  • Bluetooth Car Key


Download Product Specification:

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