Mini Bluetooth 5.1 Card Beacon BLE Tag Support Ibeacon - MY-BC06L


MY-BC06L is a small Bluetooth 5.1 Card Beacon that utilizes the Dialog DA14531 BLE 5.1 Chipset and is compatible with the iBeacon protocol.

It serves as a miniature BLE asset tag and is powered by a CR2032 battery that can last for over 2 years when set to a 1000ms broadcast frequency.

MY-BC06L supports the iBeacon protocol, as well as other common broadcast protocols and can be programmed with custom data protocols. It has a wide range of applications, including indoor location tracking, asset management, and industrial positioning

MY-BC06L Parameter:

Bluetooth Beacon MY-BC06L
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 5.1
Chipset Dialog DA14531
Size 33.8*23.6*5.4mm
Battery CR2032 button battery
Material PC Plastic
Color White
LED indicator Blue
TX power -19.5dBm to +2.5dBm
Battery Life 2 years
Broadcast interval 100ms~10S,default 1s
Operating temperature -20℃ to+50℃
Weight 6.3g
Transmission range 60 meters
Logo Customization Support


MY-BC06L Feature:

  • 2 years work time with CR2032 batteries
  • Support replacement battery
  • Dialog DA14531
  • Bluetooth 5.1 Low Energy
  • 60m max work range in open air
  • Support OTA update
  • Small size: 33.8*23.6*5.4mm


MY-BC06L Application:

  • Indoor positioning
  • Indoor navigation
  • Exhibition navigation
  • Asset management
  • Item tracking


Download Product Specification:

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