Bluetooth For Wireless Presentation Clicker

A Bluetooth wireless presentation clicker, also known as a Bluetooth presenter or a Bluetooth presentation remote, is a device used to remotely control presentations, typically in settings such as meetings, conferences, or classrooms. It utilizes Bluetooth technology to establish a wireless connection with a computer or other compatible devices.

The Bluetooth wireless presentation clicker usually consists of a handheld device with buttons or controls for navigating through slides, starting and stopping presentations, and controlling other functions.

Bluetooth For Wireless Presentation Clicker

MuYu has a Bluetooth 5.0 BLE module MY-BT104 for the wireless presentation clicker solution now. The presentation clicker has a Bluetooth USB dongle, don’t need to pair Bluetooth again. The wireless presentation supports plug-and-play. The BLE module MY-BT104 supports UART and HID communication. The handheld controller and BLE module use UART communication for command sending.  Two Bluetooth devices’ work range is 20m with MY-BT104 modules. And the USB dongle and MY-BT104 use HID communication for PowerPoint control.

MY-BT104 is an economic BLE module with a small size, it meets different consumer electronics products requirement. Here is some information about MY-BT104:

Bluetooth 5.0 BLE Module

Support BLE HID

Mini size: 2.1*16*10mm

Built-in antenna

Support external antenna

Cheaper Price

More information, welcome visit MuYu web: MuYuModule


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