How to Choose a Bluetooth Audio Module?

Now that Bluetooth audio technology is becoming more and more mature, there are many Bluetooth audio modules on the market, so how to choose a Bluetooth audio module that suits you. Here are a few things you can consider:

Functional requirements: Determine the features you need, such as audio input/output interfaces, audio codec support, Bluetooth protocol versions (e.g., Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth 5.0), and supported audio encoding formats (e.g., SBC, AAC, aptX), among others.

Bluetooth version and compatibility: Choose the Bluetooth protocol version based on your requirements. Generally, newer Bluetooth versions offer better audio quality, stability, and lower energy consumption.

Audio quality: Some Bluetooth audio modules support high-fidelity audio transmission and high-quality audio codecs, which can provide a better audio experience. You can review the module’s technical specifications and supported audio encoding formats to assess audio quality.

Hardware and size: Consider the module’s size and physical interfaces to ensure it fits your application. Check the module’s pin layout and power requirements to ensure compatibility with your design.

Documentation and technical support: Check the vendor’s provided technical documentation, application examples, and support resources to ensure you can access the necessary assistance and development support.

Cost and reliability: Consider the module’s price and the vendor’s reliability based on your budget and product requirements. Ensure the chosen module has good quality and reliable supply chain support.

Bluetooth Audio Module Protocol
bluetooth audio codec

The best choice for a Bluetooth audio module depends on your specific needs and application scenarios. Mu Yu launched four Bluetooth audio modules (MY-BT301A, MY-BT301B, MY-BT301C, and MY-BT201). MY-BT301 series modules use Qualcomm chips. MY-BT201 is the most cost-effective Bluetooth audio module, it uses Chinese chips, and the price will be more favorable when it has complete functions. The table above lists the differences between the four Bluetooth audio modules. For more information, you can contact us, we will provide professional solutions according to your needs.


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